Milagro's page

Barn name: Milagro
Registered name: Squirrel's Milagro

Born: May 20, 2000
Color: Buckskin
Gender: Certified Mare

Sire: Maples Squirrel
Dam: Tom's Brandy

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Milagro's Foal Crop

Milagro was born in Kentucky at the Davis' farm, home of Maples Squirrel whom is her sire. Milagro's dam was also born and raised on the Davis farm.

The story behind Milgro's dam: Tom's Brandy ==> Brandy was born on the Davis Farm and sold as a weanling but then was repurchased at a later time. One day, young Tom Davis learned that RMH examiners were coming to the Davis Farm to certify horses. He asked his dad (ER Davis) if Brandy could be certifed on that day too. ER said no, she hadn't been under saddle and there wasn't enough time to get her ready for the examiners. Tom didn't like that answer, so he decided to work with Brandy without telling anyone. He put her in a pen and worked with her that day and very carefully got on her back and discovered that she had a wonderful smooth gait!

She did get certifed when the examiners showed up at the Farm. This is why she was registered and certified as 'Tom's Brandy'!

Milagro is a foundational Rocky and the lines on her pedigree which say 'Saddle Stock' are of mares and stallions that existed before the Rocky Mountain registry began.

She has a very stocky build and is a light-color buckskin.

We receive many compliments on Milagro.